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Insurance Investigations
INSURANCE: Workers' Compensation / Personal Injury Investigations
Fraudulent work injury claims have become a part of everyday life. These claims cost companies millions of dollars a year. These claims have to be stopped just as quickly as they start.
At Driscoll Investigations our staff gathers all the evidence lawfully so that it can be presented in court. The investigators obtain high quality video and still images of the subject's daily activities. Our surveillance video and still images allow the attorney to present credible evidence in court or to their client. We frequently are able to document the subject working at other jobs, doing yard work or home repairs, playing sports or engaging in other strenuous activities. This documentation will inevitably provide the necessary evidence needed to save the client money and resources in the future.

The client receives a through written report within 48 hours of completion of the case, documenting the results of our surveillance. Our reports will contain all still images that were obtained and the client is provided a DVD of the video footage obtained.
This investigation involves a discrete neighborhood canvas and inquiry into the claimant's activities, habits, and hobbies. Its primary purpose is to determine if the claimant is active and if surveillance is needed. Various pretexts are utilized in obtaining the information regarding the claimant's activities.
Unfortunately, people do have accidents and the consequences of such accidents can be devastating. In today's world we are seeing more and more individuals attempting to "make the quick buck," by filing false personal injury claims. At Driscoll Investigations we conduct detailed investigations to determine if an accident did in fact occur. We will go to the actual accident scene and perform a thorough investigation including video and photographic evidence. We will do whatever it takes to prove or deny the subsequent claim.